Zika Virus : Harmful for Pregnant Women

Zika virus is spreading rapidly with around 3–4 million victims already registered by World Health Organisation. Indian Medical Association has issued a strict warning to pregnant women, advising them to avoid visiting tropical and sub-tropical nations, mostly falling in the regions of Africa and Latin America. Zika virus mostly affects Newborn babies causing extremely high fever, microcephaly; damage to newborn babies brain causing smaller head size for entire life. The ailment is uncurable. Cases are reported mainly in Columbia, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Caribbean islands, Niger, Egypt, Gabon, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, and Uganda. There is a threat that the virus may spread to Asian nations including India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Based on the rising cases of dengue in India, it also offers the most fertile condition for breeding of Zika virus. The tropical climate can also help the virus to multiply. According to Indian Council for Medical Research in New Delhi, efforts have to be initiated to prevent the nation from the deadly disease outbreak.