Test to detect Alzheimer’s disease before onset of Symptoms

Robert Nagele, PhD, at the American Osteopathic Association’s Osteopathic Medical Conference and Exposition (OMED15) in Orlando, FL.explains how autoantibodies act as blood-based biomarkers in order to detect numerous diseases and identify the stage to which a disease has progressed.

An individual’s autoantibody profile depends on various factors like   age, gender and the presence of specific diseases or injuries. Diseases cause changes in autoantibody profiles that, when detected, can serve as biomarkers and help in identifying the disease.

Dr Nagele says:

“There are significant benefits to early disease detection because we now know that many of the same conditions that lead to vascular disease are also significant risk factors for Alzheimer’s. People found to have preclinical disease can take steps to improve their vascular health, including watching their diet, exercising and managing any weight and blood pressure issues to help stave off or slow disease progression.”


Courtesy : Medical News Today