About Us

Medical Research and Developmental Consortium(MRDC) has been formed under the aegis of Consortium eLearning Network Pvt. Ltd with a mission & vision to harness the potential of Medical Research. MRDC  acts as a unified platform for academicians , researchers, professionals, students, industry, organizations, trade associations and knowledge seekers in the domain of Medical Science.

 Medical Science has majorly benefited humanity by providing remedies, cure, and prevention of diseases.  In the last decade Medical Science has made great advancements. MRDC provides the latest news, updates and various perspectives on Medical Science and Technology. We continuously thrive to keep you updated with the latest developments in the field of Medicine.

We seek to associate and collaborate with all knowledge seekers and stake holders to unite at one platform and mutually share/ exchange your ideas, views, experiences, news, updates and developments freely using Medical Research and Developmental Consortium ( MRDC ) platform.

Get ready for some amazing Medical updates and news for your convenience at one spot.